The Down Jacket


Allure or aversion? I admit when this time of the year rolls around, I find myself wrestling with the desire to stay warm without wearing a thousand layers or the weight of a sleeping bag on my shoulders. Every year, without fail, I go through my self debate about whether or not I should have a puffy jacket and whether or not I think they’re even cute. There’s something about the word “puffy” that I don’t find appealing. Every couple of years, the temperature wins, and I give in and buy some form of a down jacket, which I eventually get rid of because I just don’t want to look like the Pillsbury doughboy. A few years ago, I found my favorite one. It was a Northstar jacket – fairly lightweight, fitted, and black with a black logo so it wasn’t screaming ski jacket, but my curly locks still wanted something with a hood. Now here comes Uniqlo to San Francisco, and now the lightweight, packable, ultra light down jacket peaks my curiosity and is practically around the corner. I admit I love the idea of having something small on-hand for just in case cold weather, but then I discovered the ultra light down hooded vest. Polka dots and color. Love. End of search.

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